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What do you get when you add hundreds of students, music competitions, strong preaching, academic excellence

The forecast on Monday, March 8, promised sunshine and blue skies, but Pastor Chappell received

Elementary students at Lancaster Baptist School showed their love to others last week

Last week was a busy week for the Lancaster Baptist School varsity basketball team

In January, the Lancaster Baptist School Varsity Eagles participated in the West Coast Winter Classic

Each year, secondary students are challenged to expand their critical thinking skills and scientific

Winter Revival this year was a special treat for students as they heard Pastor Jim Schettler challenge them with three life-changing biblical principles.

December at Lancaster Baptist School is an incredible time of the year. As we prepare our hearts

The LBS Great American’s program kicked off our Thanksgiving break in honor of the Thanksgiving celebration.

Take a grumpy miser, add some costumed spirits, and mix thoroughly with Victorian London to produce an excellent LBS senior class play.

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